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Self care starts with You

As we start this "new year new me" season, let's remember that it all starts and ends with self.

Morning routines: granted we all have our traditional routines to get our day started, but have you ever considered doing a simple stretch even if your still in bed to start your day? Stretching can be a slight warm up to get those muscles to wake and start the day stiff and stress free. This can also be done at night time before bed to wine down. Remember to breathe.

Feeling already tired in January? One statement I tell a lot of people especially patients is " There are 24 hours in a day give yourself 1". That one hour can become so beneficial to your self care. What you do with your hour is completely up to you as long as you are the sole beneficiary. Wanna take an hour nap? Do it! Wanna start reading that book? Do it! Have a creative project you have been wanting to do? Do it ! As you utilize your one hour, you will realize that some or most things you wanted to get done will simply not be done in an hour and that my friend will have you looking forward towards your next hour the next day.

Muscle of the Month: Quads (Thigh Muscles)

With all the ailments going on, along with winter, and a lot of people working from home, low back issues have lately been a chief complaint in the office. Due to the fact that a lot of people are working at a desk whether in person or virtual low back issues have been on the rise.

How the quads impact your low back:

When you are sitting especially for long periods of time, the quadriceps muscle are engaged. Because of the location of the quads (attach onto the pelvis) when they are tight they can wreak havoc on your lower back. A simple way to alleviate that ache is stretching.

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