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Self Care Managment

After you have been treated in office or after a surgical procedure, it doesn't end there. This is where self care comes into play. From stretches for lengthening or strengthening the muscle. To massage techniques to do at home in between appointments all of these tools are beneficial to get the optimal result.

Virtual Session

Schedule's full? Can't get an appointment in? Need at home self care management and tips? Then our virtual sessions are for you. If you need lymphatic drainage for your post op care, We can show you live how to manage and care for your swelling in between appointments or if you'd rather remain home. We can also do live 1 on 1 consultations.


Our goal is to teach and educate as many people as possible with there self care. Whether on the table or virtual it is our goal that you leave having a therapeutic experience. In both group format and 1 on 1 we strive to build a strong, positive, and well informed community.

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